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Sale of leather

The sale of processed leather is our peculiarity.

We select the best raw hides from trusted suppliers and then we process them, from the tanning phase to the final finishing, with the help of contractors we have carefully selected over the years.

We treat raw cowhides as well as lamb and goat skins that cannot be used by the food industry: we enhance the characteristics of the hides thanks to tanning treatments and subsequent processing, which give a new lease of life to this natural and vibrant material.

We select the hides according to the required customisations: we find the best solutions for our clients, whether the items to be produced are classic, have a vintage feel or are used for technical or special applications.

We turn ideas into leather

Leather has always been part of our family. Thanks to our father, we have breathed in their scent since childhood.
Following in his footsteps, in 2007 we founded Spea S.r.l. to finally turn our ideas into leather: thanks to our dedication to the care of the material, to a strict quality control and to a full spirit of collaboration with the customers, we now have the opportunity to serve many high-level brands in the fashion industry, both in the clothing and in the leather goods and footwear sectors.

Quality raw hides: our strength

We take great pride in providing our customers with top quality leather: this is why our workers carry out an accurate manual / visual quality control of the material at out company’s premises.

But we do even more than that: the hides are also tested for physical strength, both in-house with our machines, and at certified laboratories’, where the chemical analysis and verification of the compliance of the items with the sustainability requirements demanded by the major fashion brands are also carried out.

We enhance the characteristics of the leather


Each hide has its own peculiarities and we know how to best enhance each type and each part of every leather according to the result to be achieved.

We have a large variety of leather and many ideas to share with our customers to create new trendy items.


From the choice of hides to the headquarters

Our commitment to sustainability:

From the choice of the raw material, to the processing up to the final product.

At every stage of our work we pay special attention to sustainability by selecting hides deriving only from the food industry and we do it in compliance with the most stringent regulations in terms of chemical risk and environmental impact.

We expertly use chemicals supplied only by accredited companies so that the final products meet the requirement of eliminating the chemicals that are considered harmful to man and the environment, an aspect which is increasingly demanded by companies.

Our leather is also tested by the best certified laboratories.

Even our new headquarters are an example of such commitment: we wanted to renovate them by choosing the most innovative materials and technologies that allow us to reduce energy consumption