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Alex e Michel:
“Its scent, our passion”

Sale of leather, but not just that

Leather has always been part of our family. We have breathed in its scent since childhood, influenced by our father who, at the tender age of 13, started working at a shoe factory and then, over the years, developed his business as an agent for different tanneries.

His passion for this vibrant product led us to follow in his footsteps and finally, in 2004, we decided to start selling leather by collaborating with some tanneries.

We turn our ideas into leather

In 2007, we felt the need to evolve and create our own structure in order to finally give shape to our ideas on leather processing.

Thanks to our commitment, to the care of the material, to a strict quality control and to a full spirit of collaboration with the customers, we now have the opportunity to serve many high-level brands in the fashion industry, both in the clothing and in the leather goods and footwear sectors.

Our team is constantly growing to better satisfy the needs of our customers.